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The meeting will convene various Di of cultural department art department department chief introduction, at present the situation of national art creations is unprecedented active, can not recognize, either at the same time, in the literature create aspect also existence have the amount the phenomenon for lacking quality and hasing plateau to lack high peak, exist a copy mimicry, monotonous problem, exist the mindset fickleness, mechanization production and fast food type consumption etc. problem.Is positive such as Xi what total secretary requests, the literature doesn't can lose bearing in the market economy spring tide, not ability why the person's problem up occurrence deviation, this needs a further perfect art management system and strengthensnike free run 2 cheap the guide to create the production to art further.The various Di means that cultural department will in convene symposium in the near future, the thorough study carries through near even total secretary of Xi to manage to convene literature symposium to erupt the spirit that the form importance talks in the city, and hold special subject to study and discuss a class, prepare and plan to convene national art creations a working conference, unified thought, push forward a work, go deep into the work way of thinking and policy measure of research push literature prosperity.Cultural department will train the literature commentary's talented person to the Xi near even total secretary talk medium the mentioned literature work want to put social efficiency at first, don't taint with copper ozone, insist to make crowd satisfaction, approbation

In order to measure standard, let the crowd come to evaluate, let the crowd come to examine, the increment crowd's words power with adjudicate power, in the masses of the people's public praise lieutenant colonel just with promote contentses like own creations,etc, the various Di points out, these the treatises all profoundly clarified a literature special attribute, explicit work well the important principle that the literature work has to follow, this will become cultural department to work well in the future important principle of reviewing the prize work reform.The various Di points out that currently win Xuan Bu is leading long the work opinionnike free 5.0 v4 uk that establishment reviews prize reform concerning the literature, next move cultural department will also at in set up further under Xuan Bu's instruction the literature evaluation takes people as center of the composing lead to, perfect mechanism for reviewing a prize work, insist publicly fair candor, is the connoisseurs that the literature appreciates beauty the people and adjudicate.At the same time also according to the request of the total secretary and the central leadership, build up the standard of literature work evaluation of sound science reasonable.The measure that especially wants to study the concrete evaluation standard of drawing up the social efficiency and investigates, the reasonable constitution reflection market accepts the quantity of degree to turn index sign, value mindset, art level, appreciate beauty wit and humour, and crowd public praise...etc. as the main standards of evaluation, determinedly keep from thinking greatly of a receipt of a film, viewer rating,

Click phenomena like quantity,etc.In addition, the various Di points out, the literature commentary is the importance of the art business to constitute part, commentary all for carry out the literature policy of party, guide art creations and push forward an excellent work, exaltation to appreciate beauty to appreciate, guide cultural vogues to have the function to can not act for.Cultural department currently just in the research, hope next year establish a concerning the art comment on the system set up and guide of plan.Mainly involve development concerning commenting on talented person and comment on to practice of develop, comment on battlefield of construction, comment on of the profession manage evaluation and give award to etc. work.Cultural department nike free 4.0 v3 salefive raise Cuo 1.Grasping the creations direction cultural department will hold to take Chinese dream as the excellent play(stanza) eyes exhibition of topic to play an activity, the concentration displays an excellent work.2.Grasp policy measure to continuously pay attention to the policy performance of managing the luxurious evening party circumstance and preventfrom a negative phenomenon rebound along with the department concerned;Establish medium keep hospital regiment to reform a development particularly item funds;Support place drama art tradition development.3.Grasp to inherit traditional cultural tradition development of creative push and excellent work to spread expansion.4.Grasp the value mindset that the art commentary guides current art creations, downplay to review prize consciousness, enhance to comment on a work.5.Grasp culture to benefit the people to insist a center of gravity

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One hair.The water pollution after preventing and curing a method the modification results in in 2008 important damage of evaluate 20%-30% punishment of sum according to the direct economic loss.After polluting purple gold mine industry, the economic loss of valuation in State Department is 33,000,000 dollars, environmental protection hall in Fukien province finally opens punishing of more than 10000 dollarses 900 list according to 30% upper limits.After new environmental protection method carries out, the start accounts to punish daily, that may be punish more than 10000 dollarses 900 every day, this is perhaps any business enterprises to all undertake not rise of.Can the illegal behavior continue if the business enterprise can undertake to nike free 3.0 v5 womensaccount to punish daily?Ji steel:Business enterprise not that rich can the side hand over to fine money a side to line up dirty.We release a punishment, confiscate and seal detention and stop production to close 3 documents at the same time, be want the dozencombine a boxing.Don't expel an individual business enterprise to want that handing over penal sum is immediately after dry, that we can confiscate and seal detention, can stop production to close and even limit Human body freedom.[Is related]the country test to register to pass to examine for a day 3..China Times Xun(reporter, Zhao Peng, ) in the city 2015 national public officials examined to register to get into the 6th day yesterday and still had 777 post no mans to pass to examine to register success on that day.These posts that are placed in zero to register status are many public security official's systems that come from a railroad everywhere, at the same time the west and secluded region

Of other sections alsocontribute a lot.At these zero register of in the post, include too at first the railroad police department of railroad police department, Chen Yang, shouted and Hao especially railroad police department etc. once the post that recruited to record 67 people.China diagram educates statistics to suggest, although this year's railroad public security official's section totally has 966 posts to experience to basic work infinite make, among them mostly post only limit or more suitable male register for examination.At the same time, although 2015 countries test to announce medium definitely put forward to the western regionnike free powerlnes 2 sale and the hard side far area post, grass-roots post and special professional post etc., will give policy inclination while dilimitting lowest and qualified score line, western and secluded region of total register a circumstance to still meet cold.For example Chinese banking direct management committee Yunnan take charge of a river from Nu in bureau silver Jian branch office and Wei my Er in Xinjiang interborough earthquake bureau and Tibet immigration examination quarantine Ji Long office in bureau, Inner Mongolia coal mine safety inspect a batch of postses like bureau,etc and still is unmanned and ask about.The examinee who hasn't registered can consider feeling consideration competing smaller post in understanding section job and the foundation of property, according to the oneself educational background, and profession...etc. comprehensive condition.According to medium male education statistics, the country tests the work in the post the location is in Peking of post BE

Is the hottest in post in everyplace, pass to examine a total number already 74526 people, only 25 post no mans pass to examine and take up 2.19% of all posts currently and compete a proportion to also be up to on the average 65.3:1.Guangdong closing on the heels of afterward registers a number to contain 40541 people, Shandong's registering a number is 27297 people.Up to yesterday, recruit to record to compete a proportion tallest of post for the country house organization business administration central national organization government procurement the center buy three place vice- director's section staff and the following, reebok gl 6000 salerecruit to record 2 people, pass the number as 2605 people, again create a work the location be in Peking City of recruiting and recording proportion new high that has ever had.Educate a statistics according to China diagram, from whole see, 12698 posts have already had an examinee to register and take up 94% of the total amount of posts.Always pass to examine a number to reach to 437316 people, although the ratio increased 114958 people the day before yesterday,compared 546711 people who registered the 6th days in 2014 descended 20%.Cultural department yesterday convened a news conference, introduced cultural department study carry through near even total secretary importance of Xi talk and in the near future prosper the relevant circumstance of literature creations.Point out among them, the our country literature reviews prize system to reform, the art creates social efficiency concretely evaluation, investigate standard.Reporter from China Times in city piece however national art creations

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After being whole, taking part in the residents(include receive the old age guarantee welfare old age pension personnel) of the city country residents' endowment insurance won't be included in the subsidy scope that the above-mentioned way stipulates again, other the subsidy matching a funeral receive conditional residents, still according to original outlet, original the way apply for receiving.The China Times Xun(reporter, Zhao Peng, ) Ministry of Finance in city social guarantee department revealed yesterday that the central public finance has already descended to stir excellent etc. for fondling object's adjusting mark subsidy funds are 1,580,000,000 dollars.This time central public finance bottom stirs excellent fondle personnels like object,etc to comfort the bereaved in 2014 and living subsidize funds 1,580,000,000 dollars, used for raise a disable and sick soldier, three belong nike lunarglide 4 womensto(is strong to belong to and on account of duty sacrifice soldier's family and die of illness soldier's family), three red(retire from the army an old warrior of Red Army in the country, at country west the road soldier Red Army old warrior, Red Army scatter a personnel), old reply member soldier's etc. in the country excellent fondle object of comfort the bereaved with life subsidize standard.The department concerned has already again decided before now that raising is excellent to fondle personnels like object,etc to comfort the bereaved and live to subsidize standard.For example, the disable and sick soldier, townthree belong to andthree red comforts the bereaved subsidy standard and raises 20% respectively on the current foundation;The villagethree belong to comforts the bereaved standard to raise 40% on the current foundation.January, next year of China Times Xun(reporter, Wang Shuo, ) in the city

On the 1st, being called the new environmental protection method of history ascend the strictest will carry out.For letting the new rules ability of new environmental protection method establishment can carry out, the environmental protection department started the establishment work of 54 kit documents, regulation system.Recently, account and punishing daily the asking for of new rules ordinances likeconfiscate and seal, detentionlimit produce and stop production,etc opinion draft already set, butthe administration makes track for a responsibilityadministration detention wait 50 other kit documents will continuously set.Last Friday, the environmental protection department punished a temporary way in a row environmental protection to implementation environmental protection to confiscate and sealed, detained temporary way environmental protection restriction production and stopped production daily publicly temporary way of the whole environment information that cured temporary way business nike flyknit trainer+ womensenterprise business unit 4 kit documents publicly and asked for an opinion.The environmental protection department is holding firmly to establish a series of ordinance currently, and will in year inside print hair.In addition to just in 4 documents that publicly ask for an opinion, the ordinance still includes the administration makes track for a responsibilityadministration detention to wait an environmental protection method new rules.The Chinese government method economic law school associate professor's beard of people's company of the university calms down to mean:The environmental protection method is a fundamental law, impossibly very concrete.If there is no another kit, it is a paper tiger.The environmental protection personnel enforces the law of time, need this

Some ordinances, the function of these kit detailed regulationses is to let this paper tiger grow a tooth and live.Release to be suspected what say is the new environmental protection method evaluated forthe history ascends the strictest environmental protection method?The environmental protection department wreath Jian administration in the bureau enforces the law a punishment to grow a Ji steel in everywhere:For example say continuous punishment daily, don't rectify for business enterprise a day, the punishment doesn't establish an upper limit;The law still gives us to confiscate and seal to detain power and stops production to the business enterprise, the limit produce is to report to the power that the government carries on a close;Still have an is drawing up of, is the power of restriction Human body freedom.These were basic to embody strength for method for nike free tr fit ukenvironmental protection.Account to punish a period daily why is 30 days, not 35 day?Ji steel:From the manpower material resources, took charge of scope to say, came back a reexamination for 35 days not too may.Don't give the business enterprise the mental state expectation ofas long as work well for recent 35 days and then can pass a reexamination moreover, but in 30 days you have to reach a mark.How to comprehend to account to punish a highest limit daily?People university the Zhu effect of associate professor in the law school:The water pollution prevents and cures method the punishment upper limit before 2008 modifies is 1,000,000 dollars, loosen to spend a river water pollution trouble to result in severity's injuring in 2005, but at most punish 1,000,000 dollars according to the way originally punishing, nine cows

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